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*Artsie_ladie's* Christian Poems <img:stuff/DoveRtTiny.psd.gif><img:stuff/Welcome%202%20my%20poetry%20ETG%20rdy.psd.gif><img:stuff/DoveLeftTiny.psd.gif>


Everything on this page is copyrighted to me, [Artsieladie], AKA, Sharon Donnelly, unless otherwise specified.



"Have I Told You, Jesus, That I Love You?"

             Have I told you, Jesus, that I love you?
             You are always in my mind somehow.
             Have I told with all my heart and soul that I adore you?
             Well, Jesus, I'm telling you now.
                   - - - - - - -
             This world's a place where you have been forgotten.
             Though your blood was poured out painfully.
             So many hearts and souls that are forgetting.
             You gave us l-ife eternally!
                   - - - - - - -
             (New verse - #2)
             Jesus told me that He always loves me.
             And I'm proud to say I feel the same.
             For I know that He will always Bless and He will keep me.
             And Jesus, so precious is Thy name.
                   - - - - - - -
             This world's a place where you have been forgotten.
             Though your blood was poured out painfully.
             So many hearts and souls that are forgetting.
             You gave us l-ife eternally!
                   - - - - - - -
             (New verse - #3)
             Have I thought to call upon you, Jesus?
             For this world, it seems, has gone insane.
             You're the only path to righteousness and to the glory
             And Jesus, with You eternal gain.
                   - - - - - - -
             This world's a place where you have been forgotten.
             Though your blood was poured out painfully.
             So many hearts and souls that are forgetting.
             You gave us l-ife eternally!
                   - - - - - - -
             (New verse - #4)
             Have you fri-end come to know my Jesus?
             For He has been waiting for you to
             And His arms are open wide to receive you, eternal...
             And Jesus, His love's awaiting you!
                   - - - - - - -
             This world's a place where you have been forgotten.
             Though your blood was poured out painfully.
             So many hearts and souls that are forgetting.
             You gave us l-ife eternally!
             (Repeat line:)
             You gave us li-ife eternally--------y!
                   - - - - - - -

Words written by Sharon Donnelly © 2002


This image of mine seems to fit this song, its refrain, especially.
I entered this image in the Christian Art Contest, too.



As I walk in the presence of thy enemies, God walks with me! As I seeketh the truth, God walks with me! As I try to do my best by others, by [Hedda], and by Elftown, God walks with me! ...And so ...

"Revenge and Forgiveness!"

Huggles to all my friends & buddies! My foes I give the same, For it's not my job to judge... ...And revenge I do not claim! Cultivate forgiveness, release your burden now... Grudges only fester and can greatly disallow... The splendor of His Grace, totally, complete... Give thy burdens unto Him. Lay them at His feet! <img:stuff/Hugs7.gif> "A Blessed Christmas (Day) To All"

          I wish ALL a blessed Christmas (Day), regardless of how you believe.</i>
          God loves all of His children. He's waiting to receive.
          My God is a wonderful God of compassion and of grace.
          He gave His <i>only</i> Son for the <i>entire</i> human race.
          What is it that you would give for even a friend that's dear?
          Now, what would you give a foe? Not even an ounce of cheer!
          My God is your God, too. This you may not know.
          We are all the seeds of Him. He watches as we grow.
          What is it that you think, when the rain is coming down?
          Do you know it's the tears of God to cleanse our hallowed ground?
          Each time He doth wash with hope that we will see,
          His forgiving heart of love, that we will follow Thee.
          When you hear the thunder, do you shudder at the sound?
          He doesn't intend to frighten us, just a reminder, He's around.
          In the bright of day, the sun so shines and thus,
          It's the light of God that beams on all of us!
          Can you count the stars He planted high above?
          No. Nor can you measure all of His great love.
          Take in the splendor of His creation all around.
          He painted everything in color with a talent so profound!
          He is thy God of patience, of love, and truth and peace.
          He is the keeper of all wisdom of which will NEVER cease!
          ~ ~ * ~ ~ * ~ ~ * ~ ~ * ~ ~

Oh Lord, my God, when I in awesome wonder,</i> <i> Consider all the world thy hands have made.</i> <i> I see the stars. I hear the rolling thunder.</i> <i> Thy power throughout the universe displayed.</i> <i> Then sings my soul, my Savior God to thee.

</i> <i>

How Great Thou Art!</i> <i>How Great Thou Art!

          ~ ~ * ~ ~ * ~ ~ * ~ ~ * ~ ~
          This holiday season, no matter how you partake,
          The best gift you can give is real and never fake.
          It can't be wrapped, disguised, with ribbons, paper and bows.
          When giving from the heart, the rapture truly glows.
The poem, inspired by my faith in and love of God Almighty...[Artsieladie]...the
© 12/18/2006 of, belongs to God, for I am just the vessel of His Truth, Peace, Love, Wisdom and Greatness!
The song, "How Great Thou Art"...
...Originally a Swedish folk melody,
"O Store Gud" by Carl Boberg (1859-1940)
was translated by Stuart K. Hine in 1899.
...found at:
For some great listening and replenishing of His Presence, go & give a listen...God Bless All!


I wrote this for The Seven Deadly Sins Competition, --> TSDSC, Poetry Entries,2007.

"Virtue Versus Sin. Which Will Win?"

          ~ ~ * ~ ~ * ~ ~ * ~ ~ * ~ ~
          It seems this world is losing ground to the seven, each a deadly sin.
          Resistance keeps getting lower, as more allow them in.
          ~ ~ * ~ ~ * ~ ~ * ~ ~ * ~ ~
          Where is the chastity, the modesty, self containing?
          Abstinence is a foreign word, temperance non-sustaining.
          Diligence is unheard of, patience in short supply,
          Kindness is limited, humility has gone awry.
          ~ ~ * ~ ~ * ~ ~ * ~ ~ * ~ ~
          In their stead, the evil seeps in through weakened fortresses.
          Most are not the wiser, becoming hosts and hostesses.
          ~ ~ * ~ ~ * ~ ~ * ~ ~ * ~ ~
          Now lust is on exhibit, privacy paraded on the stage.
          Many have become so gluttonous, insatiability is their gauge.
          Appetites have surpassed the common word of greed.
          Yet, the sloth within, is a new, perfected breed.
          Anger rises quickly, causing damage, hurt and pain.
          Patience is only allowed, when it's serving selfish gain.
          There's envy for what others have, to justify the steal.
          The pride becomes displaced, without care how others feel.
          ~ ~ * ~ ~ * ~ ~ * ~ ~ * ~ ~
          At all ourselves within, we need to take a look.
          We must reinstate the virtues, emboss them in a book.
          We must teach our young, spread the righteous word,
          Use our power wisely to make the words be heard.
          Though the ideals have been based around religion,
          It is not required to enable such revision.
          ~ ~ * ~ ~ * ~ ~ * ~ ~ * ~ ~
          Virtue Versus Sin.
          So, I ask.
          Which Will Win?
          ~ ~ * ~ ~ * ~ ~ * ~ ~ * ~ ~

Written by [Artsieladie] © 9/25/2007


I wrote this in memory of [Kileaiya].

"A New Flower Added To The Master's Bouquet"

          ~ ~ * ~ ~ * ~ ~ * ~ ~ * ~ ~
          Lo and behold, you'll weep no more,
          For you have now walked on thy heavenly shore.
          Your day has arrived with no more wait,
          The time has come to celebrate.
          The angelic voices sing, while the violins play.
          You're now the center of The Master's Bouquet.
          ~ ~ * ~ ~ * ~ ~ * ~ ~ * ~ ~
          Oh, what a grand affair, it all must be.
          How I wish I was there for my eyes to see.
          Our Heavenly Father plucks the brightest star
          To light all the candles from near to afar.
          A glow so bright, dark is the sun,
          An infinite number, representing each one,
          The years you've earned, years you'll spend,
          With thy Father in heaven. There is no end.
          All the toil and pain you suffered on earth,
          All revoked now, spawned rebirth,
          Into a measure of joy immense,
          Happiness elated, so intense.
          The bugle of gold will sound in your name.
          All heavenly souls with conviction proclaim,
          To give honour and praise in thy holy place,
          Forever bathed, with God's blessed grace.
          For a lady so grand, so finely fine,
          Surely your table is laden with love divine.
          His ultimate gifts, He's been waiting to give,
          When, at last, you've come home with Him to live.
          ~ ~ * ~ ~ * ~ ~ * ~ ~ * ~ ~
          No more suffering, no more sorrow,
          You're with Him today and every tomorrow.
          You are so loved. You are so missed.
          Many lives you've touched, exquisitely kissed.
          For all you've given of your heart each day,
          It's time you bloom in The Master's Bouquet!
          ~ ~ * ~ ~ * ~ ~ * ~ ~ * ~ ~

Written by [Artsieladie] © 9/6/2007


"God, Are You Listening?"

             - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
             "Do you hear my silent prayer?
             I miss my Mom so much!
             My heart is in despair!
             I pray for strength and guidance
             In my time of such great need.
             Lord, I pray you're listening
             As I come to you and plead.
             I bow down to your greatness, Lord.
             I admit that I am weak.
             Although a person of words,
             The right ones I cannot speak.
             However, my heart to you
             Is an open, laden book
             And I know you see
             The heartbreak in every little nook.
             Your light on my pathway
             I pray that you will keep,
             And when I waver from it,
             You'll remind me what I'll reap.
             I'll try to plant the seeds
             Of kindness and of love,
             Of compassion and of truth,
             In Your Likeness from above.
             I come to you in prayer
             In the sweet and precious name
             Of Your Son, my Savior, Jesus.
             For all of us He came.
             By Your Grace you gave
             Your only begotten Son.
             That we may dwell forever
             With You, my only God, Thee One.
             - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
             "I love you, Mom, and oh, do I miss you!"
             Your daughter, Sharon
             - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

© 5/13/2007 Written by [Artsieladie]


"My Silver Wings!"

             - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
             So many I have loved, now fly with angels on high,
             Leaving me so lonely, I want to say good bye.
             Instead, I understand, God has placed on order
             A pair of silver wings to fly me past the border.
             Of those I have lost, their spirits remain with me.
             Anywhere I'd go to, even across the sea.
             My work is finished here, not needed anymore,
             But there is a calling from a distant shore.
             Although I cannot see how God will pave the way,
             It is by faith in Him that I will live each day.
             He knows what's in my heart. He sees the magnitude,
             The surrealism, the depth, unconditional aptitude.
             My silver wings will take me, where I yearn to be.
             God has lain the plans for my final destiny.
             - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

© 3/23/2008 Written by [Artsieladie]



             - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

             - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

© ?/??/2007 Written by [Artsieladie]


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