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*Artsie's* Welcomes 3




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<img:stuff/ArtistDragon100.png.jpg>Total: 10 images.<img:stuff/ArtistDragon100Rev.png.jpg>


Welcome to my Studio - images! (pngs)
...Now...the gifs of...
Compare the resolution between the gifs & the pngs. What do you think? (These 16 images, I'm counting as 8, b/c they are dup's, except the formats.)</center>

<center>Wild & zany squares into a divider = Welcome for House & wiki:
- - - - - - -


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May God Bless You! Have a Great Day!

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2006-03-13 [Artsieladie]: For more of my Welcome Mats!  :))

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