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*Artsie's* Poetry - Rhymetyme <img:stuff/GothicWelcmDkBlue.gif>

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[Poem Total: 61]</center>


Disclaimer: All of the poetry posted on these pages is copywritten to me [Artsieladie]. All rights reserved to me, aka Sharon Donnelly, UNLESS OTHERWISE SPECIFIED!!!



Artist for sure...
  Some words in rhyme...
This pen can make...
  It storytime!!!
© 2005 ...Sharon Donnelly

[ *** ] means a poem of mine chosen by the Daily Poem or won in a poetry competition!

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This badge is an official Elftown badge & cannot be taken & used randomly. You have to be one of Elftown's Master Poets. You're a poet, too? Kewl! You might want to consider entering your poetry at the Daily Poem. Please be sure you follow their REQUIRED FORMAT! Now run along on over there and post your poetry and good luck! :D</center>


My Rhymetymes: <img300*0:stuff/DivGrad38.jpg>

<img:stuff/Star-13_bullet.png>*Artsie_ladie's* Rhymetyme<img:stuff/Star-13_bullet.png>

"A Brand New Star!"
"Inspiration ......By A Child"
"Ready to Ride!!"
"Congratulations On Your New Arrival!"
"Gone Fishin'!"
"Congratulations On The Arrival Of Baby Dimitris!"
Written for [Jitter] & [Rochala] 2/23/2008.
[Poem Total: 06]</center>


<img:stuff/Star-13_bullet.png>*Artsie_ladie's* Rhymetyme 2<img:stuff/Star-13_bullet.png>

"Sometimes...Take Time..."
"Lonesome Path!" [ *** ]
"A True Giver!" [ *** ]
"Global Warming"
"No Title"
"A Thoughtless Tongue"
"Sticks, Stones and Words"
[Poem Total: 09]</center>


<img:stuff/Star-13_bullet.png>*Artsie_ladie's* Rhymetyme 3<img:stuff/Star-13_bullet.png>

Within Images:
"Anniversary Poem!"
"A Get Well Wish!"
"A Birthday Wish!"
"Congratulations, Graduate!"
"Guards, Captains, Sergeants & Lieutenants!"
"With Pleasure!"
"Our Mayor, Our King!"
[Poem Total: 08]</center>


<img:stuff/Star-13_bullet.png>*Artsie_ladie's* Rhymetyme 4<img:stuff/Star-13_bullet.png>

"Beachside: Sun & Surf!"
"Spring Is Here!"
"Fall Leaves!"
"Whoooooooo am I?"
"The Tree Of Life"
[Poem Total: 06]</center>


<img:stuff/Star-13_bullet.png>*Artsie_ladie's* Rhymetyme 5<img:stuff/Star-13_bullet.png>

"An Eclipse, A Smile!"
"A Smiling Face!"
"L(.)..(.)ney Tunes!"
"Adopt a Pet!"
"Hole Diggers!"
"Emotional Turmoil!"
[Poem Total: 08]</center>


<img:stuff/Star-13_bullet.png>*Artsie_ladie's* Rhymetyme 6<img:stuff/Star-13_bullet.png>

"Elftown Is For Creative Souls!"
"This Is Elftown, Not Cybertown!" [ *** ]
"Before You Knock Upon This Door!"
"Happy Birthday, Our Town, Elftown!"
I wrote this for the The Happy Birthday Elftown Contest >---> HappyBirthdayET, writings, 2007.
"Welcome To My House!"
[Poem Total: 05]</center>


<img:stuff/Star-13_bullet.png>*Artsie_ladie's* Rhymetyme 7<img:stuff/Star-13_bullet.png>

"About me and for my homepages!"
"Who Am I?"
"My Creations!"
"I'm a Fuzzy-Wuzzy!"
"Contact Me About My Works!"
"Thank You!"
"What I Do!"
"How Will I Be Remembered?"
[Poem Total: 08]</center>


<img:stuff/Star-13_bullet.png>*Artsie_ladie's* Rhymetyme 8<img:stuff/Star-13_bullet.png>

"My Loss, Heaven's Gain!"
"Peering Through The Pane" [ *** ]
"Chrissy ~ ~ happy11xxx!"
"I'm So Sorry For Living..."
[Poem Total: 07]</center>


<img:stuff/Star-13_bullet.png>*Artsie_ladie's* Rhymetyme 9<img:stuff/Star-13_bullet.png>

"As Death Descends, New Birth Arises"
I wrote this for the The Town Herald's Poetry Corner, 2007.
"Lady Venus, Mr. Mars?"
I wrote this for the Sci-Fi Poetry Competition ---> Sci-fi poems, page 1, 2007.
I wrote this for The Town Herald's Poetry Corner, 2007.
"Love Is A Pretty Horrid Thing!"
[Poem Total: 04]</center>


<img:stuff/Star-13_bullet.png>*Artsie_ladie's* Rhymetyme 10<img:stuff/Star-13_bullet.png>

"[ None, yet! ]"
[Poem Total: 00]</center>


<img:stuff/Star-13_bullet.png>*Artsie_ladie's* Rhymetyme 11<img:stuff/Star-13_bullet.png>

"[ None, yet! ]"
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<img:stuff/Star-13_bullet.png>*Artsie_ladie's* Rhymetyme 12<img:stuff/Star-13_bullet.png>

"[ None, yet! ]"
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