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*Artsie's* C/W Misc




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<img:stuff/SantaHatGreen.psd.gif>Total: 26 images.<img:stuff/SantaHatGreenRev.psd.gif>



Snowblobes (just w/Santa at present)!

<center><b>Candy Canes!



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May God Bless You! Have a Great Day!

<img:stuff/SantaHatRed.psd.gif><img:stuff/AnimMerChristmas.gif><img:stuff/SantaHatGreenRev.psd.gif> <img:stuff/AnimHapNwYr.gif>

*Artsie's* C/W Misc - Snow & Globes, Candy Canes (here)
*Artsie's* C/W Misc 2 - Christmas Bows & Gifts
*Artsie's* C/W Misc 3 - Christmas Elves & Fairies
*Artsie's* C/W Misc 4 - Christmas Gingerbread
*Artsie's* C/W Misc 5 - Christmas Ornaments
*Artsie's* C/W Misc 6 - Christmas Pg. Bottoms
*Artsie's* C/W Misc 7 - Christmas Pg. Corners
*Artsie's* C/W Misc 8 - Christmas Pg. Toppers
*Artsie's* C/W Misc 9 - Christmas Trees
*Artsie's* C/W Misc 10 - Christmas Wreaths
*Artsie's* C/W Misc 11 - Snowmen
*Artsie's* C/W Misc 12 - This 'n' That - Christmas
*Artsie's* Lilo & The Big Cat</center>
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2005-12-08 [Artsieladie]: My first page of my Christmas/Winter Misc. images!  :))

2005-12-29 [Jitter]: I love your images! /Munches on Gingerbread kids

2005-12-29 [Artsieladie]: Mmmm....they're good, aren't they?  *tastes the boy* Hmmm...not bad. *tastes the girl* Hmmm....yum.  te he  Thanks! Gee, we can munch on each other's goodies!  :D  I have a gingerbread tube, but I chose to make my own to go with the house.  :)

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