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The #MakeElfwoodOnlineAgain Campaign

Elfwood is currently offline, and has been offline since February 2018, according to the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. I established this campaign as the downtime has affected sci-fi and fantasy fans, artists and writers in a profound and negative way. (like how the destruction of King Solomon's Temple (586 BC by Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon) and Herod's Temple (70 AD by Titus Vespasian of Rome) in the 9th of Av has affected the ancient Israelites in a particularly negative way) The campaign involves a petition, a set of memes and extraordinary ideas that will work together to convince Usify AB, Elfwood's current owner to establish a fundraiser to bring Elfwood back online after years of downtime. I encourage aspiring meme creators all around the Internet to not only create memes about the current situation at Elfwood, but to share my memes about said situation on social media. The memes should bear the #MakeElfwoodOnlineAgain hashtag when published on social media. The memes should also have the petition's link when published on social media. The most recent Facebook post in Elfwood's FB page says it costs 25 thousand dollars or more to renovate the site, and that was back in summer 2016. Now, Elfwood does not just require renovation, it requires revival, as the site cannot be reached through normal means. Elfwood's Facebook page can be found here: [@fb27112787425] Try visiting Thomas F. Abrahamsson's old gallery, which you can find here: [@ew:Thomas], and if you see an error from your browser, then it's time to sign the petition linked in this page! If you're of the religious type, I recommend you to sign the petition, share the memes and pray for Elfwood's revival and renovation on a daily basis.

The petition is here: and the associated memes are here: #MakeElfwoodOnlineAgain Memes, and said memes are mirrored here:

If you see a bottle of Clorox bleach on one meme, then that's just the bonus one I made for those who aren't a fan of red tape and excessive rules, including [Mortified Penguin].

Try this link: , and if you get an error from your browser instead of the front page of Elfwood, then it's time to sign and share the petition linked on the wiki page, and don't forget to email Usify AB about the situation. Usify AB's general email address is info at usify dot se.

If Usify AB doesn't budge from this campaign, then we have to use extreme measures just to bring Elfwood back online, and these measures can be found here: Extreme Measures for my Campaign

As Usify AB, Elfwood's current owner is based in Sweden, this campaign needs to find people who live and/or work in Sweden, preferably in Stockholm and/or Linköping, as we need an army of campaign representatives for our efforts to bring Elfwood back to life.

Addendum 1 from Oct. 2021: When you sign the petition linked in this page, you are essentially making the campaign's voice speak louder with each signature.

Addendum 2 from Oct. 2021: The MEOA Press Kit is coming!

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