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2011-06-17 18:50:51
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"Bruddah Iz" - Somewhere Over the Rainbow review

Bruddah Iz, or Israel Kamakawiwo'ole does an amazing cover to the traditional classic of Somewhere Over the Rainbow. This song is most recognized by its part in the movie 50 First Dates.

It is simply done with little more then himself singing and playing the ukelele, but he does not require anything else as he puts his heart and soul into every word and every note. It is a wonderfully sung and played song that almost always brings a tear to my eye.

For the official video, with clips from his funeral, go to:
/ [Lord Josmar]

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2011-06-17 [iippo]: Awesome *goes off to listen to the Israel playlist*
But do you mean the movie 50 First Dates, or have I missed something?

2011-06-17 [Lord Josmar]: Probably, lol. I have only seen the movie once so I might have gotten the title wrong. Its the one with adam sandler and the girl hor has amnesia in Hawaii.

2011-06-17 [iippo]: Ah, yes, 50 not 40 :P

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