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Tutorials and Lessons.



Welcome to the Art Wing of The Elftown Academy!

Classes are usually always open. If you know what you want you may choose from the Classes listed, if you're just starting out - do drop by Art Fundamentals to get a grasp on the different types of art and their respective lingo. What ever the case, remember that art is what you make of it, learn techniques from our teachers but don't be afraid to branch out and make your own style. That is afterall what we aim for here. Thank you for stopping by.




<img:stuff/leavy2.jpg> [akhirah]

<img:stuff/leavy2.jpg> [Dil*]

<img:stuff/leavy2.jpg> [Caelicorn]

<img:stuff/leavy2.jpg> [jsun]

<img:stuff/leavy2.jpg> [liiga]

<img:stuff/leavy2.jpg> [Ulaan]



<img:stuff/arrow1.jpg>Akhirahs Tutorials by [akhirah]

<img:stuff/arrow1.jpg>Digital Art Class by [Caelicorn]

<img:stuff/arrow1.jpg>How to draw bishoujo by [Dil*]

<img:stuff/arrow1.jpg>Art Fundamentals by [akhirah]

<img:stuff/arrow1.jpg>Creating Original Characters by [jsun]

<img:stuff/arrow1.jpg>Lighting Magic: The Dolphin by [liiga]

<img:stuff/arrow1.jpg>The Art of Watercolour by [Ulaan]


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2003-12-30 [Headstrong]: I added my name, but is there any benifits to becoming a student

2004-01-10 [Hi!]: Hi! I LOVE 2 draw!!!!!!

2004-01-24 [Nazkrut]: Hey!! Me too^_^

2004-02-15 [GregowicH]: i'd really like a lesson for digital painting, by using software like photoshop or painter... i'm having some problems using especially the airbrush tool... would love to learn about it a bit.

2004-02-19 [darkphoenix7780]: how to add name to students

2004-03-11 [Nazkrut]: just click on 'edit page' and add your name

2004-03-25 [jlcochran]: I want to be a student but I'm moving on April 1st and won't have computer access for a while. Oh well...catch ya next time. :D

2004-03-28 [sharpie3]: Hey i love anthro art, im not bad at it but it takes me weeks to make a pic look good. Dos anyone have tips for anthro art.

2004-04-13 [travs the bean]: my section is now up - it is a series of illustrations - dealing with layout, inks, pencils and spots. I will be setting a more formal setting later - figured i needed to get around and make some changes- hey if we got a banner for our class can we post it?

2004-04-24 [Dil*]: [kitton] really gone?

2004-04-24 [SsrVoice]: yes u can post the banner under ur link for ur class as long as its pleasant to look at :) lol

2004-05-03 [will turner neko]: hi

2004-05-17 [SilverFire]: ...out of interest is there a particular reason '<a href="" onmouseover="window.status = 'goto: books';return 1" onmouseout="window.status=''">books</a>' < for that to be floating about in the link section?

2004-05-17 [will turner neko]: WHA?

2004-06-07 [Nite_Owl]: Hey, do they have a class for anime drawing?

2004-06-07 [SilverFire]: kittons room

2004-06-09 [will turner neko]: k

2004-06-10 [Dil*]: <img:> Like shinies? join the jewel guild!!

2004-06-30 [travs the bean]: What would make the classes better what works for people and what does not?

2004-07-22 [chianapixie]: i would like to learn how to draw everything, from comics to anime

2004-07-23 [Rose Tinted Glasses]: ditto ^^

2004-08-31 [akhirah]: well..i teach the basics of starting to draw... have a peek at my classroom ey? SoulChaser's Classroom

2004-08-31 [akhirah]: also i have a complaint, mr.professor sir. mm..some classrooms r empty, and im sure other people would like to fill the part and be commited to it instead?

2004-09-01 [Dil*]: like which spots..i might be interested ;)

2004-09-01 [Glastenen]: i can teach history of architecture, if anyone is interested

2004-09-01 [Dil*]: can i fill the spot of how to draw bishoujo's??..i think i shoud message [font] about it..

2004-09-01 [akhirah]: yea, u have to message [wolfenstein29] hes the prof here..

2004-09-01 [Dil*]: kay messaged im'

2004-09-01 [Slush_Puppy]: what about a class on color and design? you guys don't have one of those...

2004-09-02 [wolfenstein29]: yeah guys i think we need some digital coloring classes,painting classes here too,and [Glastenen] id like to see what u wanna teach,sounds interesting to me

2004-09-02 [wolfenstein29]: yeah [akhirah] most classrooms are empty and thats kinda disappointing as ive received soo many applications for teachers and not a lot are actually working,i think we should tell them and if they dont act still,we'll replace them,thanks for your concern tho,keep up the good work err and u dont have to call me sir lol,its kinda embarrassing

2004-09-02 [wolfenstein29]: anyone who wants to take the post of a teacher,plz feel free to send me a message

2004-09-02 [Dil*]: New Classroom!!! how to draw bishoujo

2004-09-02 [akhirah]: english, tis my trademark to be overly polite n posh ;)

2004-09-02 [wolfenstein29]: lol hehe

2004-09-02 [SilverFire]: what was meant to be on teh digital art page?

2004-09-02 [wolfenstein29]: dunno who created that,i guess we'll have to delete that classroom or hire a new teacher

2004-09-02 [wolfenstein29]: wait theres a digi art teacher wid a tutorial under construction,might be hers

2004-09-02 [SilverFire]: hmmm...probably [Teea] being as her names's got '- Digital art: Painter and photoshop (class under constructure)'...

2004-09-02 [wolfenstein29]: yeah,lets wait n see


2004-09-03 [Windstar]: Looks cool, but my mom's an artist so I learn from her. *grin*

2004-09-03 [wolfenstein29]: yea ur lucky hehe

2004-09-03 [akhirah]: art isnt something u learn from some-one else, but learning techniques urself...;)

2004-09-03 [SilverFire]: can learn the technical aspects of art from someone else (otherwise what would be teh point of this place? O.o) but it's not just being told stuff and remembering it, it's auch developing skills. :x

2004-09-03 [akhirah]: no, i show people my techniques...which they'll probably develop their own style from it.

2004-09-03 [SilverFire]: good for you - but they're still learning from you. -.-

2004-09-03 [akhirah]: maybe, or my point isnt getting across clearly enuf...if only i was a smart ass..¬_¬

2004-09-03 [SilverFire]: C:>/ run slappeth_all.exe. <rolleth eyes>

2004-09-03 [akhirah]: lmao..c'mon, it was just a joke..chill..O_o

2004-09-03 [SilverFire]: ditto to you, dude :P

2004-09-03 [akhirah]: so we do have a sense of humour, afterall eh..XP

2004-09-03 [SilverFire]: a subtle one.

2004-09-03 [font]: hello - heh, i have a suggestion for a class (not for me to teach though - as i know nothing about drawing at all - tis why im making the suggestion) What about a list of all the drawing types and explaining the main differences between them.

2004-09-03 [SsrVoice]: That's not a bad idea, maybe we(the teachers) can make a basic Drawing Fundamentals page that all the teachers can contribute to. I'll mention that to the Professor

2004-09-03 [akhirah]: that sounds like an awesome idea eh..

2004-09-03 [wolfenstein29]: yeah it sounds good,i think we could get some teacher for dat tho

2004-09-03 [SsrVoice]: Yes, I've opened a new page Art Fundamentals Since we all have different knowlege in the different arts i've left it open and any teachers please add any terms you know to the page. and Thanks for the Suggestion Font!

2004-09-03 [Slush_Puppy]: drawing types?

2004-09-03 [SsrVoice]: Yes there are many different styles of drawing which is why we have so many classrooms

2004-09-03 [wolfenstein29]: thanks Font we owe you one

2004-09-03 [Slush_Puppy]: i was mainly wondering if they were reffering to anime vs american/ cartooning vs realistic or pencil vs pen type things... :P

2004-09-03 [wolfenstein29]: naww its more like anime,manga,american comics,realism,pixel,digital,traditional etc

2004-09-04 [wolfenstein29]: [SsrVoice] is organizing and putting up stuff on the main page,looks good,we need to put up lotsa stuff,neways im out for the night

2004-09-04 [Dil*]: ya, great job on organizing the page! :)

2004-09-04 [SsrVoice]: Thanks :) I've still got plenty more to do

2004-09-04 [Dil*]: i think we have to publicize this page more though...someone should make a banner for this page (maybe i will :P)

2004-09-04 [SsrVoice]: Cool thats a good idea!

2004-09-04 [Dil*]: umm trying to think of what to do for it >.<

2004-09-04 [SsrVoice]: something to do with the art academy

2004-09-04 [Dil*]: ya..but what....i kinda want to make a small collage of stuff on here...but ya

2004-09-04 [SsrVoice]: how about something that says E.A. Art or something like that and maybe have some pens or brushes or something to do with art

2004-09-04 [wolfenstein29]: umm something with all the different categories bein displayed like elves n realistic stuff together lol

2004-09-04 [akhirah]: u could maybe have a collage, of samples from different teachers classes or something..

2004-09-04 [Dil*]: ya..that's what i was thinking..

2004-09-04 [font]: No problem at all. The page is looking good now :P And a banner would be a great addition :)

2004-09-04 [akhirah]: lol a contest on it XD

2004-09-05 [Dil*]:'s good to have more than one badge to choose from :P

2004-09-05 [font]: In my opinion your banner should represnt all the styles or art that you cater for - could be complicated to do though :S

2004-09-05 [Dil*]: hey..i can do realism too ;)

2004-09-05 [Dil*]: <img:> bush haters association if you hate bush, join now!

2004-09-05 [akhirah]: ahh no! thats ruined teh page..*cries..*

2004-09-05 [Dil*]: :P, i'm just advertising at the moment.

2004-09-05 [akhirah]: cant it be like, a smallish banner eh?

2004-09-05 [Dil*]: umm..hey i'm not the one who made it :P

2004-09-05 [SilverFire]: <img100*0:> <<that one's still readable...and alot friendlier on the eyes

2004-09-05 [Dil*]: okay i'll use it.

2004-09-06 [SilverFire]: :-)

2004-09-06 [Dil*]: it's sooo small..and cute >.< (i'm messed up)

2004-09-06 [akhirah]: ^_^

2004-09-12 [Sunrose]: Teachers please visit ETA Departmental Staff and check up your status! The professor is asked to keep in check of own teachers, so make sure they also report to you: if they don't you have the power yourself to fire your teachers, change their status and hire replacement ([font] can't do everything, so please help him out!) ^^

2004-09-23 [wolfenstein29]: hey guys,long time no see,wuts up with everyone

2004-09-26 [Dil*]: well, i'm an impatient bastard, and i'm waiting for my teachers badge :)

2004-09-26 [wolfenstein29]: lol,hows ur teachin goin?

2004-09-26 [font]: Yes hopefully you joined ETA to teach rather than get a badge

2004-09-26 [SilverFire]: well, that was Kinda bitchy, considering Dilandau didn't even say 'oi! I'm waiting for my badge, gimmie it NOW!' O.o #

2004-09-26 [font]: I had no intention on being 'bitchy' - but remember i have to keep an eye out for those who do take an active part in ETA. But none-the-less sorry.

2004-09-26 [Dil*]: that's cool, i have outbursts once in a while :P (a little crazy in the head this one)

2004-09-26 [font]: Well i can say that you are down to get a badge so really - it is only a matter of time now.

2004-09-26 [Dil*]: yah, i wish i could get more students..i only have 2! >.<

2004-09-27 [wolfenstein29]: changed my username from ssz87 so hope u guys still recognize me

2004-10-08 [SsrVoice]: I'm here! I think we should link to a new page that lists the art teachers instead of having them just posted here..that would save space here.

2004-10-08 [akhirah]: doesnt seem to take up that much space me thinks?

2004-10-08 [Dil*]: yeah..leave the names :P

2004-10-19 [Deadly_DNA_Girl]: do you want somebody to give basic airbrushing lessons... it would give me something extra to do on elftown

2004-10-19 [wolfenstein29]: hmm that would be nice cause i need those lessons myself lol

2004-10-19 [Dil*]: yeah lol

2004-10-20 [Deadly_DNA_Girl]: I mean the real airbrushing you know, not the computer thingies ('cos a lot people think that when I say airbrush) :)

2004-10-20 [Dil*]: Lol! oh...i thought you meant computer airbrush >.<

2004-10-20 [wolfenstein29]: lol i tought u meant thta too,but i could use the technique anyway

2004-10-20 [Deadly_DNA_Girl]: lol :D good thing I told you ;) I've just started doing some henna , I could give some lessons on that as well...

2004-10-22 [wolfenstein29]: yeah im glad u told me,good good

2004-10-22 [Deadly_DNA_Girl]: so who decides who can be a teacher in here... I'd like to know if I could give some lessons, and cos I'm doing home education, it can work as a project as well

2004-10-23 [wolfenstein29]: umm i do

2004-10-23 [Deadly_DNA_Girl]: so... can I, can I... huh huh *acts like a pesky kid*... pretty please with a pickle on the top

2004-10-24 [wolfenstein29]: umm you got any samples?

2004-10-24 [Deadly_DNA_Girl]: of henna or the airbrush stuff... I've got some things, but if I can do it I'll make more... I'll have a look and show you what I got so far

2004-10-24 [Deadly_DNA_Girl]: I'm making a few wiki pages that you can look at later... I've got the equipment page up though -> Airbrush art

2004-10-25 [wolfenstein29]: hmm id like to have a look ^_^

2004-10-26 [Deadly_DNA_Girl]: this weekend is halloween right? that means I'm gonna make some more henna things... so if I remember, I'll take step-by-step pictures... for the airbrush things, I'm gonna do some stuff in the holiday (the week after halloween), so I'll get some stuff done then as well :)

2004-10-26 [wolfenstein29]: okay

2004-11-13 [akhirah]: hm..seem to be more teachers than class's XD

2004-11-21 [wolfenstein29]: yeah hehe

2004-11-23 [wolfenstein29]: we all have to compromise cuz everyone has lots of other stuff to do so yeah but i expect to see SOMETHING!!

2004-12-04 [Hat]: Hello, Id like to take some of the classes. How do i get intot he photoshop one? when i click on it it just takes me to a house.

2004-12-04 [battlefield]: contact the teacher if there is no classroom setup.

2004-12-04 [FiSHr.]: i have just become a student

2004-12-04 [battlefield]: that's nice yo know.......student for who?

2004-12-05 [FiSHr.]: i jst put my on the pupil list

2004-12-05 [battlefield]: good job. what are you planning to learn?

2004-12-05 [FiSHr.]: in brokenmoon seems good

2004-12-05 [battlefield]: yes it does look really good.

2004-12-05 [FiSHr.]: hes so good

2004-12-05 [battlefield]: quite so, who knows if you stick with the classes you may get that good.

2004-12-05 [FiSHr.]: yeah yay that would be cool

2004-12-05 [akhirah]: tho, when u get that good...u tend to develop ur own style in drawing...=)

2004-12-06 [battlefield]: and then you in turn teach and pass on the knowledge. XD

2004-12-06 [FiSHr.]: yea

2004-12-07 [wolfenstein29]: yep learn the basics,develop ur own style and show the door to others as well through which u just passed

2004-12-07 [FiSHr.]: yay

2004-12-11 [Britty]: ....

2004-12-11 [FiSHr.]: ...

2005-01-12 [Sunrose]: [Teea] and [battlefield]: do you have classrooms?

2005-01-12 [wolfenstein29]: well lets see if they have somehting planned in the near future

2005-01-12 [Sunrose]: They have listed themselves as teachers, so that's why I am asking. Before you can be an official teacher you need to have done something :)

2005-01-13 [battlefield]: i was going to make one but got really bust in EP. i used to be here alot but now there is not much for me here. i tryed getting on staff but everyone i talked to at the time was rude.

2005-01-13 [Sunrose]: Who did you talk to? >.<

2005-01-14 [battlefield]: it was too long ago to was before i donated. i was shot down for helping with work so i helped the only way i could. money lol.

2005-01-14 [Sunrose]: :O

2005-01-15 [wolfenstein29]: jeez that sounds bad

2005-01-15 [battlefield]: naa, i get shot down alot. used to it. plus i'm helping out in EP now and love it.

2005-01-15 [Sunrose]: Good! :D

2005-01-16 [battlefield]: i used to spend hours here now i'm spending it in EP not here...even though i have way more friends here.

2005-01-16 [Sunrose]: I spend them on both hehe..

2005-01-16 [battlefield]: i don't have much of a reason to be here. all my "friends" here don't really talk to me. and that's half the fun.

2005-01-16 [Dil*]: Get better friends :P

2005-01-16 [Sunrose]: LOL!

2005-01-16 [battlefield]: lol. good suggestion. i did but they are in EP.....well they are in here too.....but i feel useful in EP

2005-01-16 [Dil*]: I'm mean >.<

2005-01-16 [Dil*]: hmm, looking to get more involved?

2005-01-16 [battlefield]: was untill i was blown off. so i got involved in EP

2005-01-16 [battlefield]: i was accepted there.

2005-01-16 [Dil*]: err, tried the town herald...?

2005-01-16 [battlefield]: i can't write. i'm a computer junky and lack creative writting

2005-01-16 [Sunrose]: Just to clarify though, you're not planning on teaching here?

2005-01-16 [battlefield]: i was planning on making a classroom if anyone messeged me saying they were interested, but no one ever no.

2005-01-16 [Sunrose]: Okay...thanks! *glomps*

2005-02-04 [Sunrose]: Is there a teacher wanting to teach digital art? [Jacco] would like to be a student...

2005-02-05 [SilverFire]: ...I'd consider it... but I'm not a teacher ^^;

2005-02-05 [Sunrose]: Can ou teach it?

2005-02-05 [SilverFire]: I believe so, depending exactly on what people want to be taught, I'd be willing to give it a go, anyways, I guess.

2005-02-20 [Asuno]: what would just plain sketches be under

2005-03-17 [nhd]: Hey all wanna check out my art? give me some critique! The art of Baydos! Thanks!

2005-03-29 [maleficus]: i want to learn

2005-04-23 [slapper]: what about an art history class?

2005-04-23 [wolfenstein29]: sounds nice

2005-08-23 [sequeena_rae]: I'm literally learning how to draw i've got as far as stick men o_O where should I go to get better?

2005-08-23 [Sunrose]: You can also try tutors :)

2005-08-23 [sequeena_rae]: Thanks ^_^

2006-08-20 [Bipolar Nonsense]: THis is so cool!!!!

2007-12-30 [Imperator]: [Sunrose], could you open The Art of Watercolour for me?

2007-12-31 [Sunrose]: Hmm I'm a little hesitant, because she also used her own art for that page :/

2007-12-31 [Imperator]: Well, she's been gone for nearly a year so I was just going to put her at the bottom of the page and make the class "teacherless" for lack of better words. I can leave all the divider bars though.

2007-12-31 [Sunrose]: I understand, but still hmmf :/

2007-12-31 [Imperator]: Why? I mean if you don't want me to do it that's fine but she's been gone for nearly a year and all the absent teachers are removed and credited at the bottom. I don't really care, do what you want, I'm just letting you know.

2007-12-31 [Sunrose]: Because in this case it looks like she made a tutorial rather than a classroom :)

2008-01-01 [Imperator]: I've been wondering about that, what's the difference between a tutorial and an academy classroom?

2008-01-01 [Sunrose]: An Elftown tutorial is art related and explains a certain subject step by step, in this case water colouring.. :)

2008-01-01 [Imperator]: Ah, I see. Well, like I said, do what you want with it. Aside from that classroom, all the classes are fixed. :-)

Do you think it would be a good idea to have a comment page for the academy staff to talk on, make announcements, ect.?

2008-01-01 [Sunrose]: We have the board-page to talk (not many people randomly go there), and announcements can be put on the general Academy page :)

2008-01-01 [Imperator]: Right.

2008-01-17 [Imperator]: Can anyone here teach me how to draw people?

2008-01-17 [Sunrose]: Practice :P

2008-01-17 [Imperator]: I was looking for a more guided approach... :p

2008-01-17 [Sunrose]: Get an anatomy book :P

2008-01-17 [Imperator]: ... Your sarcasm on this matter is not appreciated. lol :p

2008-01-17 [Sunrose]: It's good advice though, you learn most by practising drawing anatomy :P

2008-01-17 [Imperator]: Hmmmm. Then I'll try that. Should I include the organs? :p

2008-01-17 [Sunrose]: If you want to :P

2008-01-17 [Imperator]: lol

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