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Tutorials and Lessons.



Welcome to the History Department!

- [Fingon



- [Imperator]
- [Fingon]



- Fantasy History
- History of World War II by [Imperator]
- History of the Middle East by [Imperator]
- The History of Finland and the Finns by ???
- History of Time before Christ by [Fingon]



Teachers are needed for the following History Subjects:

North America (And its individual countries)
South America (And its individual countries)
Europe (And its individual countries)
Africa (And its individual countries)
Asia (And its individual countries)
Russia (And its satellites)


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2003-02-12 [NiceGuy213]: I would like to be a history teacher if that wouldn't be too much of a hassle.=-)

2003-02-23 [psycomeri1]: if you wan to be a teacher you have to message me....

2003-06-11 [Augury]: Me an Saber are doing Dragons, k?

2004-04-22 [loser_101]: i would love to be a history teacher and tech people about the history of war and tactics

2004-05-15 [Q_Q]: hi ther

2004-05-17 [Q_Q]: hi i am good at Military history

2004-07-16 [Maurer's conclusions]: If you need a teacher to teach the history of Tolkien's Arda (world) I would be willing to do the job

2004-07-20 [Sareana]: Hey, if you want a Roman History class, I would be willing to do the job. While the Latin and Roman Mythology classes cover some brief Roman history, there is a lot more that is not related to those two topics.

2004-07-21 [ussa]: The drow history is amazing and i thank whoeva had anythin to do witth it's makin

2004-07-22 [metallickittycat]: what about the elvin war of 1620? who won?

2004-07-23 [Q_Q]: let me look

2004-08-25 [PettyDeath]: Where's all of the history about Scotland.. or Canada?

2004-08-26 [Maurer's conclusions]: If you think there should be some, then teach it

2004-08-26 [Iratus dea]: can i become a history teacher of great britian?

2004-08-31 [Dragonite]: I would like to teach about the dragonrider kingdom's resistance when the west and east clan vampires

2004-09-01 [Glastenen]: hello, i can teach you about the history of greece

2004-09-04 [Lannanos]: seems that you already have many applicants for teaching...but i would be happy to teach about Europe, especially from political outlooks...

2004-09-09 [Macek]: I might try to teach about Brazilian history =)

2004-09-11 [Erestor]: Message to [Maurer's conclusions]: I am teachin at Weapons of Tolkien will it be ok if I put a link to your page??

2004-09-16 [blackeyes]: hi i could teach classical history as i am currently studying both latin and greek and, with them, the history of those civilisations

2004-09-16 [askdjnso]: Hi, This is Danni (interim hist prof) I'll be on a short vacation I'll check every few days and update when i can but will be relatively inactive on weekdays

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