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2009-07-18 01:17:36
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'Eva flies away
Dreams the world far away
In this cruel children's game
There's no friend to call her name
Eva sails away
Dreams the world far away
The Good in her will be my sunflower field'
Eva - Nightwish

I adore this manipulation, mega style. It may have overtaken Still. Yes, you read correctly, in my opinion, it may be better. Originally I was trying to find a little girl in a sailor suit but when I found this stock image, I had to use it. There was no way she wasn't going in this manip. :)

As you can see I did four different versions of this manip, my dad picked the one up the tope as the best one, hence uploading it. I also thought it looked nice before I put the textures on but Dad was right, the colours are stronger this way.

None of this would have been possible without the stocks, which are listed below.

Hot Air Balloons:






/[Chimes], Chimes' Manipulations

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