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2011-06-26 18:55:04
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E.T: The Extra-Terrestrial review

I understand that early PC games needed to be as simple as possible, however there is no excuse for the creation of ET for the PC.

Now I'm not just ranting I have some evidence to support my claim. I'll use Pong as my counter argument.

1. Pong and ET were made for the home roughly near the same time frame. Today Pong stands as a wise sage for those who dwell in the gaming world as ET goes down in the PC game history books as the abortion that should have been.

2. Pong was a simply designed game that bounced a pixel dot off of a pixel line. After so many back and forths the speed accelerated and before you knew it you were in a dead lock with the computer of 2nd player for supremacy. On one occasion I know of 2 people who used Pong as a method of who paid what bill in the house. ET however was you running around as the alien and falling in holes. I think you were trying to find things and not die (funny how that plan never worked). After about 10 minutes you would usually flip out and turn the game off only to go back to it again at some other point and repeat.

So in a somewhat conclusion, Pong: simple design, concept, and formula that has survived and thrived in today's modern world.

ET: can be found taking up space in landfills and flea markets for it's horrible colors, lack of plot, lack of understanding how to play, and general butthurt it gave to the early gamers.

I hope this review meets your needs to never mick this game up if you ever run across it.

Happy Gaming.
/ [Thunder Cid]

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